• Member and their dependent family members should be admitted only after obtaining the authorization letter from the respective unit officer.
  • In case of an emergency, the admission can be made on the basis of the department ID and the authorization letter and declaration letter have to be obtained before the discharge of the patient.
  • Authorization letter without the signature of the unit officer not to be entertained.
  • Validity period of the authorization letter is one month from the date of issue and is valid for one admission. Fresh authorization letter to be obtained for fresh admission. But in case of dialysis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy which needs frequent visit to hospital, single authorization letter is sufficient for one month treatment. After the completion of one month, a fresh authorization letter to be obtained from the unit officer.
  • Authorization letter with no specific mention of the ailment for which treatment has to be extended, not to be entertained.
  • In case of any change in the treatment proposed, once the authorization letter is issued, fresh authorization letter should be obtained.

Billing method:

  • Ward charge as per G.O. No. DPAR 25 SMR 2012 dtd 3.7.2014
  • Package rate in case of surgeries/procedures covered under CGHS.
  • Rate of implants/stents prescribed under CGHS.
  • In case the rate for implants/stents are not fixed in CGHS and hospital authorities purchases the same from outside, the rate agreed by the Trust will be paid, (prior approval from the Trust should be obtained). Purchase invoice should be provided in original.
  • Special medicines if purchased from outside. (prior approval from the Trust should be obtained). Purchase invoice should be provided.
  • In case of medical line of treatment investigation charge as per CGHS, medicine charge as per CGHS/KGS(Medical Attendance) Rules 1963.