Frequently asked Questions

1. What is ABY scheme?

ABY scheme aims at cashless hospitalization under authorization from the department to all serving personnel, run through a Karnataka Police Heath Welfare Trust.

2. Who are the Beneficiaries of ABY scheme?

Police Personnel’s and their families and dependent parents.

3. How should we register?

No registration is required. The employee should contribute from their salary a monthly subscription of Rs.100 for non-gazetted and Rs.110 for gazetted officers.

4. What are the benefits in the ABY scheme?

The beneficiaries are covered for the diseases requiring hospitalization till the completion of treatment in the hospital. Only inpatient treatment is covered.

5. Which are the empanelled hospitals in ABY scheme?

The empanelled hospitals under this scheme is the network of more than 149 hospitals both in the public and private sector. For details of the hospitals, please visit our website: or can contact our Call center-080 2294 3048

6. What is meant by Package Rates?

The rates under this scheme are declared as package rates for the procedures which include registration charges, ward charges for the duration of the stay, surgery/procedure charges, investigation charges (if it is part of the treatment), and medicines required in the period of hospital stay.

Implants will be paid based on invoice.

7. What is the Ward eligibility?

Ward eligibility is based on the salary basic pay,

Ward eligibility.

No. Pay Category ward entitled Ward charge
1 Upto Rs. 16000 per month General ward Rs.500/- per day
2 Rs.16000 to Rs.43200 per month Semi Private ward Rs.1500/- per day
3 Rs.43200 and above Private ward Rs. 2000/- per day

8. If the patient opts for semiprivate and private wards, what is the amount to be paid to the hospital?

In case the beneficiary opts for semiprivate and private ward, they will have to pay the difference cost. Ward eligibility i.e, Rs.500 of the general ward rate and the balance of the declared rates has to be paid by the beneficiary to the hospital.